On site at Frozen CPU

Venturing behind the counter into the main warehouse, we have the sleeving area to the far right and order fill/pack to the left. On your way to order packing, you pass by 3 rows filled with lighting, Molex ends and bins/shelves filled with various other cabling accessories. The second shot of the pick table is from the sliding window from the CEO’s office later in the day.

Proceeding towards the back of the building from the counter and sleeving stations you walk into the 7 grocery store style aisles packed with blocks, fittings, fans and modding accessories. In the first photo, the entry and front counter are to your left, and I snapped a shot down each aisle to give you a sense of it all, I kept wanting to take the grocery cart in the lobby through the shop Supermarket Sweep style.

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Oct 24, 2011
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Nightrod Mario

Very cool to see inside of FrozenCPU. I order almost everything from them.

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