On site at Frozen CPU

What started out as just general banter and sort of a joke while hanging out at CES actually happened, we are on-site at Frozen CPU in Rochester, NY. This article is not going to be an infomercial, more of a behind the scenes of the environment and events of a vendor who regularly supplies us enthusiasts when we need our fix of cooling and accessories. My approach was just to be a fly on the wall to get a sense of daily life in the shop, no employee interviews or hosted tour, just wander around the 8500 sq ft. facility and take things in. My reason for this approach is because I know what it is like when visitors come rolling in and I do not want that for the Frozen crew on my visit. I tried to photograph as much as I could, as photos are much better than my blabbering. With that said, on to the photo show and there are many photos, since there are just so many things to snap in the place… Do not worry; I will try to keep narration to a minimum.

Surprisingly enough, Frozen allows walk-ins, which did happen throughout the day as I took up residence in the CEO’s office. When you walk on in you are greeted by displays cases sporting popular gear available and a view into the shop (more like a warehouse, but I prefer ‘shop’).

Once you have made your way to the counter, if you look back to the front door there are several offices you just past. On the left, we have operations, where all the products are photographed and added into the system. On the right are the Queen’s office–I stayed out of her way– and the boss man’s office further to the right.

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Oct 24, 2011
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Nightrod Mario

Very cool to see inside of FrozenCPU. I order almost everything from them.

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