Enzotech Sapphire and Luna Rev.A


Small tale of Jekyl and Hyde here, but I’ll start simple. First, both deserve praise for their pricing and overall construction–the Sapphire Rev.A is ~$35 at Newegg and other etailers, while the Luna Rev.A is ~$45 at Newegg. The 1366 adapter is an additional $5, but that’s not bad at all. The all copper construction of both is also a pleasant sight. Now let’s split them up and consider them separately.

First, the Luna Rev.A is just bad. At every pumping power, it was the worst block I’ve tested (no single block was the worst prior to the Luna Rev.A). And it’s really restrictive. I really feel little need to talk about the other points of it, without some signs of acceptable performance, there’s little reason to consider this block when so many others out there are better.

The Sapphire Rev.A, all things considered, is a really good block. No, its performance isn’t better than mid-pack, but considering how low restriction, how resilient to low flow it is, its all copper construction, and its $35 pricetag, this block is flat out good. The mounting system for LGA775 is really good, but the adapters for AM2/3 and LGA1366 are a little less stellar (but they are totally functional and superior to the piecemeal offerings of others). Simply put, the Sapphire Rev.A is a worthwhile block, especially to someone new to watercooling and not wanting to take an expensive plunge.

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