Enzotech Sapphire and Luna Rev.A

Thermal Test Results

Now finally some results! First up, the individual configurations testing.

Both blocks have a definite orientation preference–the Sapphire Rev.A likes having its outlet to the top left (away from the GPU slots and RAM slots) while the Luna Rev.A prefers having its outlet at the top right (away from the GPU slots, close to the RAM slots).

Specific Pumping Power

Now that we’ve figured out what the best configuration is for each block, let’s chart its performance over the entire flowrate spectrum.

  • Very High Pumping Power: All three MCP355 pumps and the D5 are on at full speed–this has a very similar PQ curve to a pair of RD-30s at 20V.
  • High Pumping Power: Two MCP355s with EK V2 tops are on at full speed. The other two pumps are off.
  • Medium High Pumping Power: A single MCP355 with XSPC V3 top is on at full speed. The other three pumps are off.
  • Medium Pumping Power: The stock D5 is on at full speed and setting 5. The other three pumps are off.
  • Low Pumping Power: A single MCP355 with XSPC V3 top is on at minimum speed (~7.7V, ~2450RPM). The other three pumps are off.
  • Very Low Pumping Power: The stock D5 is on at minimum speed–setting 1. The other three pumps are off.

Note: I do 5 mounts at “Medium High” then take the best config of a block and test the whole flow spectrum (after a TIM curing session) then realign that curve with average of the 3 median mounts to give you the “Adjusted” data.

Other Graphs

More graphs for your enjoyment…let’s start with reusing the flow vs. temperature data, but including pump heatdump (i.e., CPU vs. air temps). I have two iterations of it: CPU temperatures vs. my air temperatures and a setup with my water-to-air delta included twice more. The latter is to mimic a setup with one third the radiator power of my setup (roughly a 120×3 radiator with 1600RPM fans).

Note: these results are derived from adding the water-to-air delta three times to my water temps. I add them three times to emulate the radiator power of a loop with 1/3rd the radiator power mine has. I use 2xMCR320s with push-pull 2200RPM Yate Loons and the data emulates the conditions of a loop with a single 120×3 radiator with ~1600RPM fans.

Here is a pretty fun result…though neither block is great thermally, the Sapphire Rev.A is amazingly low restriction. I broke 4GPM with my pump setup, and over 2GPM with just my ‘normal’ setup. The Sapphire Rev.A is also the second most low-flow resilient block I’ve tested so far (behind only the Apogee XT). On the other hand, the Luna Rev.A is very restrictive and does not like low flow. At every pumping power setting I tested, it’s the worst performer. Ouch.

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