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More graphs for your enjoyment…let’s start with reusing the flow vs. temperature data, but including pump heatdump (i.e., CPU vs. air temps). I have two iterations of it: CPU temperatures vs. my air temperatures and a setup with my water-to-air delta included twice more. The latter is to mimic a setup with one third the radiator power of my setup (roughly a 120×3 radiator with 1600RPM fans).

Note: these results are derived from adding the water-to-air delta three times to my water temps. I add them three times to emulate the radiator power of a loop with 1/3rd the radiator power mine has. I use 2xMCR320s with push-pull 2200RPM Yate Loons and the data emulates the conditions of a loop with a single 120×3 radiator with ~1600RPM fans.

Here we can see both blocks showing benefit (even if small) for all pumping powers tested on my testbed. Until you back down the radiator power that is…at that point both blocks really only benefit up until using dual DDCs. Past that and the heatdump from the pumps outweighs the improved block performance.

Below is another repurposing of the data, this time translating the CPU temperature data into thermal resistance (C/W) data. Because I can’t isolate the block’s thermal resistance from the IHS’s or the TIMs’ resistance, I’ll be showing the thermal resistance of them as a group. I’m approximating the CPU’s heatdump at 235W.


First things first, I’m really excited that I finally get some data where the flow vs. temperature curves are crossing! As for how the blocks compare, it’s pretty data-centric. At extremely low pumping power, the LT is ahead, but at every other pumping power, the original Supreme is as good or better. The mounting systems are identical, so that’s a wash. Aesthetics aren’t for me to decide, so again a wash. Yes, the Supreme is more restrictive, but not by a staggering amount; the added restriction is definitely worth the improved temperatures. Pretty simply, the Supreme is the better block in my book.

I do want to point out the mounting system though–I’m not fond of it. I don’t mind assembling the screw system for mounting it, but it’s a noticeable drawback behind the likes of Koolance, Swiftech, and D-Tek. Furthermore, the thumbnuts EK uses are pretty bad. They work fine, but after 30+ mounts with them, the sides and pads of my index fingers were totally raw–either they need to be made taller to reduce pressure on the fingers, or just be made less sharp. No other thumbscrew or thumbnut has left me clamoring for another one, but these did.

When compared against each other, the two products fit into their respective price brackets well–the Supreme is the better block while the LT is the lower cost, lower performing offering. Where things get interesting will be seeing how the two blocks compare to their competition. More reviews are rolling out shortly, so stay tuned.

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