EK Supreme HF Review

The Block

While the overall appearance and structure of the Supreme HF is very familiar, the improvements over the original Supreme are considerable. The only real differences externally are the addition of the letters “HF” on the front, the new EK logo, and a stock 775/1156/1366 plate (though the original Supreme was launched before LGA1366 and LGA1156 were debuted by Intel). The injection chamber is largely the same and the injector plates have been modified slightly….the main improvements are under the hood.

EK has also added a “Warranty Void If Removed” sticker externally, further inhibiting the end user’s ability to see the newness of the block unless they’re willing to void their warranty. That said, the sticker is only on one side, so you don’t have to break it to open up the block. And in order to change injector plates, you will have to open up the block. I don’t know what the sticker is for, but it is there.

If you really want to take a peek without opening it up the block, there is one angle you can look up the inlet and see the injector plate and the new base. But alas, there’s still not much to see.

Flip the block over and you see a familiar sticker as well–the same sticker EK has been using to protect the base for awhile (and I’m a fan of it, clear plastic stickers are easy to forget about and can leave a user confused why their CPU is hitting 100C at stock speeds when they first boot up).

Remove the sticker and the first performance-altering difference is noted: the bow. It’s more pronounced than it was with the original Supreme, and it’s also a square bow (due to the internals forcing pressure on only a part of the base and having only the weakest parts deform). You can clearly see the deformation in the reflection of the edges of the toy block. Mouseover to zoom in closer.

And of course I’m saving the best for last, after all the real show for the Supreme HF is the new base. It’s, again, a very familiar overall look, but the microchannel structure is much improved and even a big step forward from the Heatkiller 3.0s.

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