EK D5 X-Top Rev.2


The EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 was a different design that I was not anticipating, aesthetically I figured the design would be similar to the Rev.1. The change in design is definitely a plus, the backplate and dedicated mount plate are welcome changes. The capability of a top outlet or front outlet are also big benefits to the EK. This configuration option when laying out your loop might just be the piece you need to route tubing in a better manner. In addition to tube routing, the performance gains are only slightly reduced when using the front outlet over the top outlet. As with another of the D5 tops, the only real gripe I have is the mounting method. If you have previously drilled holes in your case for the stock D5 mounting bracket or (UN)Designs bracket you will have to drill at least one new hole to accomadate the EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 mounting plate. The stock mounting bracket or (UN)Designs bracket cannot be used with this top.

Overall, the EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 is a great aftermarket D5 top. The top brings very nice performance gains from both outlet configurations. A well designed top, with backplate and mounting mechanism. If you’re in the market for a D5 top, you cannot go wrong with the EK D5 X-Top Rev.2!


  • Backplate for mounting the impeller housing
  • Clean and secure installation
  • G1/4 barbs, use any fittings you fancy
  • Multiple inlet/outlet configurations give you tube routing options
  • Large increases in flow and pressure across the typical restriction range
  • Performance gains on both outlet configurations over stock
  • Full kit to convert and mount with the top
  • Cons

  • Mounting plate screw holes differ from the stock bracket, existing builds will need to drill new mounting holes (doesn’t use stock bracket)
  • Where to buy…

  • EKWaterBlocks.com – $42.35
  • Performance PCs – $39.95
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