EK D5 X-Top Rev.2

I want to thank EK Waterblocks for providing a production sample of the EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 for testing purposes. Eddy as he is known as at XtremeSystems and other forums, gladly sent the sample to be included in the D5 round-up. Once the top went into production he quickly sent the top along with another product from Slovenia to Minnesota for testing.


The EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 is the second revision of the EK D5 X-Top, this revision is entirely different from the original except for the EK styling and quality. Unfortunately, results were never released for Rev.1 and the performance numbers have always been left to speculation. Thanks to the Liquid Cooling community and their everlasting search for performance numbers coupled with the generousity of Eddy, we will not have to speculate on this revision.

The EK X-Top Rev.2 fits the Laing D5, which is re-branded by Swiftech (MCP655) and Koolance (PMP450). This top is a full replacement for the stock top that we all have become used to on the D5. Aftermarket tops have become standard for the Laing DDC series, but the D5 is new territory, I am happy to see another option for the D5 as the stock top has always left the users wanting to customize and push the solid D5 further.

EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 Kit

I am no stranger to EK products, the EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 is packaged in the familiar EK box. As with all EK products, the kit comes with everything you need to convert your stock D5 over to the EK top. As you can see in the picture above, the kit includes the impeller housing, backplate, mountplate and a bag of screws (8 M4x16mm button head & 2 M4x10mm flat head), allen wrench and a stop plug. The backplate in the kit eliminates the use of the ring collar on the D5. I was very happy to see the backplate on the EK kit, as the ring collar just does not work aesthetically when using an aftermarket top. The stop plug is included to plug either the front outlet or top outlet depending on which configuration you choose to implement, there is more on the outlets in the configuration options portion of the review along with tests for each of the configurations.

Note: The stock D5 mounting bracket is not used after converting your D5 to the EK X-Top Rev.2. The hole spacing is 35mm center to center on the EK mount plate versus 42mm center to center on the stock mount. Consideration must be made for your build when planning to incorporate the EK top.


As with all aftermarket pump tops, you will have to remove the stock impeller housing. On the D5 this is quite easy, twist the large collar and slide it off the back of the pump motor…see, simple. Now with just the D5 motor and impeller in our hands, we can proceed to fitting the EK X-Top Rev.2.

I need to admit something here…looking at the parts I had sitting on the bench and the installation instructions I was confused for a minute or two as I looked everything over and read the instructions a few times. Due to my temporary confusion I decided to capture some photos of the major steps of the installation process.

The first step after removing the stock mounting, top and collar is to fit the top with the EK o-ring. The o-ring was hiding in the backplate on my kit, remove the o-ring from the backplate and slide it over the impeller to the outer lip. The results of fitting the o-ring is pictured below.

Second step for installation is sliding on the backplate, put the molex and cord through the plate and slide it up to the lip and o-ring.

Now, I set the impeller housing on the table and place the motor with backplate into it so I could align the motor with the speed selector where I wanted it.

With the motor situated where you want it and the impeller in the housing, start inserting the 8 M4x16mm screws. I used the socket 775 tightening method, by tightening the screws in an X pattern until everything was nice and snug. In the image below, you see the D5 all dressed up with the EK X-Top Rev.2 and a nice set of Bitspower High-Flow 1/2″ fittings (skinnee labs standard fittings).

Configuration Options

The EK D5 X-Top Rev.2 has two different outlet configurations, a front inlet/top outlet and a front inlet/front outlet. Photos of the two different outlet configurations are below and each configuration was tested at all D5 speed settings. You can find the performance data below in the Test section, with a full test report listed under the speed setting scatter plots. I apologize now for the dust laiden photo of the front outlet. I did not realize it was that bad until processing and there is just far too much dust to clean it up.

Front Inlet / Top Outlet

Front Inlet / Front Outlet

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