Detroit Thermo D5 Top

Test Results

Here is a scatter plot for each of the five speed settings that the D5 Vario is capable of. The following scatter plots show the pump curve of the stock Laing D5 and the D5 with the Detroit Thermo Top. The Performance Results Intro section of this page explains how to read the charts and the explanation of the data. The full test report for the Detroit Thermo top and Stock D5 are available as links below each of the scatter plots for that specific speed setting. Enjoy!


The Detroit Thermo top provides a nice performance boost to the stock D5 top. If you notice in the scatter plots, the Detroit Thermo top provides a slight increase in flow rate over the stock top, all while increasing the Total Dynamic Head Pressure at almost every flow rate tested, only below 0.5GPM does the stock top outperform the Detroit Thermo top. However, that amount of restriction is not a “real world” loop. Anyone with that amount in their loop should really look at adding a second loop, as the cooling performance in their loop is greatly degraded…but that is completely different topic.

Besides performance, the feature that I like most about the Detroit Thermo top is the ability to use the stock D5 mounting bracket or other compatible brackets. This feature allows for anyone with an existing D5 mounted in their case to perform an upgrade and not have to worry about drilling new mount holes into their case.

I only have one very small complaint about the Detroit Thermo top, this was even adjusted in a revision that was sent to me. When using the (UN)Designs bracket the bottom gromet becomes compressed and slips out the bottom slightly, I am almost certain that this was not accounted for in the design of the top. Like I said, a very small complaint and cannot be listed as a con since the (UN)designs bracket was not used as part of the design criteria.

Overall, the Detroit Thermo top was a pleasure to have on the test bench. The performance gains are worth the upgrade, the simple installation and ability to use the stock or (UN)designs bracket make the Detroit Thermo top an excellent product.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Simple Installation
  • G1/4 barbs, use any G1/4 compatible fittings
  • Performance gain over the stock D5 top
  • Excellent price ($35-$40)
  • Cons

  • None
  • Where to buy…

  • XS & OCN – PM DetroitAC
  • Detroit Thermo Ebay Store
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