Danger Den D5 Monsoon Premium

Test Method/Spec

I do not want to turn our normal pump testing and reviews into a lengthy article–it is a pump top/bay reservoir after all–so I will link you to our Pump Test Method/Spec and PQ explanation. If you are unfamiliar with PQ or want to know what makes our pump testing special compared to others, then definitely take a few minutes and give it a read before proceeding into the test results.

Performance Data

When covering the test results on pumps, I let the data do the talking so there will be few words and lots of data tables and charts. However, I also want to point out that we have eliminated the testing of Speeds 1 and 2 for the D5, not just for the Monsoon but for all D5 tests moving forward. With that said, I will leave you to the individual test data.

D5 Speed 5 – Top Oulet (TO)


D5 Speed 4 – Top Oulet (TO)


D5 Speed 3 – Top Oulet (TO)


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