Core i7 CPU Block Roundup #1

Other Graphs

Another graph for your enjoyment…it’s something I’ll be using in every waterblock test and comparison: ‘Typical’ performance of a block, i.e., how you can expect it to perform compared to other blocks with little regard to the rest of the loop. The data graphed is flow vs. temp and the flowrate data is the harmonic mean (great for averaging rates) of the 4 settings I tested and the temp data is the average of the 4. It’s a pretty interesting way of representing the data and really shows how, in general, a block performs in regards to both flow and temperatures.


I think the data largely speaks for itself. The Fuzion V2, although I have yet to test all of the nozzles (but if they perform at all like they did on the Core 2 Duo or even the Core 2 Quad), is pretty non-competitive. It has a low dependence on flow, so while it’s not that far behind at low flowrates, the overall picture is a pretty poor showing. The LGA1366 Pro Mount is nice, but a nice mounting system only means so much when you’re 4-5 degrees behind the leader of the pack.

<p>The GTZ performs really similarly to the way it did on the Core 2 Quad--it loves flow and provides good temps. The mounting system is as great as ever and the overall value (considering the completeness of the package at a moderate price) is also really high. But it doesn't come in first for performance, nor is the difference just a fraction of a degree. </p>
<p>The Koolance CPU-350 takes the honor of having the best performance, and by a noticeable amount. It's a restrictive block but it performs really well and isn't as dependent on flow as the GTZ (meaning even those with multiple-block loops will get great performance out of it, even if flowrate is low). Its mounting system isn't as automatic as Swiftech's or D-Tek's, but the parts are really high quality and a pleasure to use. The new midplate hurt thermal performance a little for me, but it decreased resistance by a noticeable amount, something a lot of users will probably (and unjustifiably) welcome. In spite of that, as of now, the Koolance CPU-350 is king of the i7.
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