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AquaComputer hasn’t had a new CPU block in a couple years, but the wait was worth it. The AquaComputer cuplex kryos XT is their newest flagship block, accompanying the cuplex kryos PRO, the cuplex kryos HF, and cuplex kryos Delrin, as well as super-flagship .925 silver editions of the XT and HF. All the cuplex kryos blocks use the same micropin base featuring nearly 2000 rectangular pins. The XT variant uses a nickel plated brass top with their latest mounting system; the PRO uses a plain brass top and the same mounting system, but does not include a backplate; the Delrin uses a black acetal top and uses their older and cruder mounting system and does not include a backplate. The HF has a copper top with the barbs spaced slightly further apart (the inlet has been shifted away from center a few millimeters) to accomodate a larger selection of compression fittings, it utilizes the newest mounting system and includes a backplate. The silver versions of the XT have a .925 silver top and base and should offer slightly more performance with an extremely exclusive look and pricetag.

A big thanks goes out to Sven at AquaComputer for supplying the kryos XT sample for my testing and review.

Packaging and Contents

While the kryos XT I received is a final production part, the packaging was not, so no pictures or impressions of that. What will be included with the full retail kit is the block, a small blister pack of Prolimatech PK-1 TIM, the backplate, and the mounting hardware. The backplate accommodates sockets LGA775/1156/1366 and AM2/2+/3, but the block only comes with AMD or Intel mounting brackets. Also included with my sample was an alternate o-ring to be used between the center of the base and the top; the alternate inner o-ring is thicker and could potentially bring more performance by altering the bow of the block and the internal flow pattern. For this picture, the inner o-ring wasn’t playing nicely and kept coming out of its cavity.

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