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Overall, testing the H50 was a breath of fresh air compared to the grind of fin tower air coolers, even if for just being a different approach all together. Performance wise the H50 held its own and held stability. Being a water head like myself I have some opinions on the H50, but only ones targeted towards improving the product

To close out, the Tuniq Tower Extreme definitely deserves your attention when shopping for a cooler. Not only is the cooler moderately priced, but bests the other top performers we have tested. The Tower Extreme takes the single fan performance crown using the stock fan with 62.43C.

Overall, the Venomous-X is the successor to the TRUE and shares the same tried and true fin tower design with the much needed improvement to the fan clips. Unfortunately, I cannot share the performance results we all expected out of the VX. Instead, we are left with questions regarding the mount system, pressure screw and manufacturing tolerances… or I am just the unluckiest tester out there.

The simplest way to say it, the TRUE is a classic. To draw a comparison, the TRUE is to the air cooling arena as the Thermochill PA is to radiators, and like the PA series, this classic still performs at the top of the crowd.

At the end of the day, the Titan Fenrir is a capable cooler right out of the box with the included 120x25mm fan and socket compatibility for most Intel and AMD sockets. The fan is a bit on the noisy side, but the Fenrir needs airflow in order to perform with the tightly packed fin tower. Furthermore, if you really want to see what the Fenrir is capable of, go all out and strap a high speed 120x38mm open corner fan on for unlocking the potential of the design.

Overall, Prolimatech designed one hell of a heatsink that performs at the top of the class and is one of the easiest coolers to prep, mount and get running for your system. I certainly like the look of the black nickel finish covering every millimeter of the Mega Shadow. As much as the performance only crowd will argue against aesthetics being a factor, the looks of any component come into play when your are visualizing your system as you select components for your rig.

Noctua succeeded in designing a cooler that performs and restores some silence to your machine. The mounting system is one of the best I have used for Air Coolers, it is simple and provides very consistent mounts. Be prepared to struggle a bit with the wire fan clips if you have a large heatsink on the northbridge/IOH, but expect this for all coolers that use the wire clip fan mounting system. All in all, the Noctua NH-U12P handled the load from our 920 D0 at 1.275V (toasty little guy to say the least) under control and kept pace with high performing coolers. The one major advantage for the Noctua was the silence of the stock NF-P12 fans, which is a welcome feature.

Final thoughts on the Cooler Master V8, I would have to say that my expectations were met even though I was caught off guard by the lack-luster performance with the GT-1850. The V8 should easily handle most moderate jump from stock clocks, and we know it handles 1.275V Vcore on my warm 920 D0, so I would not be the least bit concerned about capability.

Overall, the Akasa Nero S was a big surprise, as I was not expecting the performance that was displayed in front of me after opening the retail package and mounting up the Nero on the bench. The flagship cooler from Akasa is more than capable at handling a good overclock from your chip and keeping core temperatures under control. The Akasa Nero S most certainly receives our recommendation.

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