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Performance with Indigo Xtreme

Indigo Xtreme is a really unique TIM: it has no cure whatsoever, it makes near-perfect contact almost every time, and it’s a totally different form factor.  What does this mean for testing?  Well, it’s the best option for doing multiple tests in one mount (like what we do for flowrate vs. temperature and all the iterations of that).  Because it also gets near-perfect contact every time, it allows us to nearly isolate a block’s internals from how good of contact it makes.  And with that, we can also use it to judge the quality of contact of blocks, based on how much worse they perform relative to Indigo Xtreme.  Long story short, Indigo Xtreme allows us to observe performance at different flowrates, quantify the quality of contact, and directly compare blocks’ internals.

Best Mount Performance

For all of the following charts, performance is based on the best mount of the block with any TIM…it just happens to reliably be Indigo Xtreme.

Medium High Pump Setting:

With Indigo Xtreme, the AC kryos HF separates itself from the CPU-370 slightly but does not keep up with the Supreme HF Full-Nickel.  This indicates it makes really good contact, but not quite as good as the CPU-370.  With Indigo Xtreme, there should be no difference in performance between stock o-ring and thick o-ring configurations.  Reflow is more difficult with the thick o-ring, however.


Temperature vs. Flowrate with Indigo Xtreme:

It’s important to note that all flowrate/pump setting/hydraulic power spectrum tests are done with Indigo Xtreme (has zero performance change over time, unlike any thermal paste) and then justified to the blocks’ best mount.

As mentioned above, the AC kryos HF loses its lead over the Supreme HF Full-Nickel once Indigo Xtreme is used.

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Posted On
May 11, 2011
Posted By
Big Elf

Just a suggestion but you might find the thumbscrews easier to screw down if you run a tap through the mounting posts and use a die on the first 5mm or so of thread on the thumbscrew. It reduced the resistance dramatically on mine.

Posted On
May 11, 2011
Posted By
Eric (Vapor) Hassett

Threading resistance (without the springs in place) wasn’t an issue for me, fortunately. Not sure I would go get a tap and die to get a mounting system working, I’d probably just replace it with another system.

Posted On
May 12, 2011
Posted By

Im from Spain, will you please explain
me better what you did??

Posted On
May 11, 2011
Posted By

Eek. Seeing top blocks so mashed up with tiny wins in specific scenarios makes choice or advise of choice so much harder. Max performance? With TIM or with IX? Easiest mount? Best looks? Fittings compatibility? So far, hmm, CPU-370 seems ticking more boxes then others, but by small margin.
Choice was more easier and clear with previous block versions imho.

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