Welcome to Skinnee Labs, where our goal is to give everyone interested in PC cooling the unbiased truth of all the cooling products we can get our hands on. Initially, we started with just extreme liquid cooling and testing in the most scientific manner our budgets would allow. The only thing that has changed since the first review is our expansion of coverage to include entry-level liquid cooling, air cooling and beyond. Even though our coverage and focus has grown, our mission to bring the enthusiast community the most unbiased and thorough tests possible has not and never will change.

Skinnee Labs is primarily two-man operation, with me Cameron (skinnee) Shears and Eric (Vapor) Hassett pouring every spare minute we have into the site and reviews. We have both learned a great deal from members of the community and the best way we know to thank you all is to give back. This is our method of giving back, making sure you all have the proper information when you are looking to update the cooling on your rig from stock.