2011 CPU Block Roundup – Results Compilation


This is the full collection of the results in the 2011 CPU Block Roundup and when new results go up, this post will be updated. In this compilation post, the overall performance overview will be slightly simpler, with the full in-depth look available in the individual reviews.  Things like installation procedures, block photographs, and the full write-ups will also be in the individual reviews.

This post will be used as a single stop to get caught up on all the blocks tested and the core test results.  You’ll see charts with all the latest data.  You’ll see a quick written summary of each block. You’ll find links to purchase each block.  You’ll see the upcoming schedule of blocks.  You’ll find links to all the individual reviews and supplements conducted.

To read the how/what/why of our testing, please read any of the reviews.  To get our full impressions of any specific block, please read the review for that specific block.

This post was last updated May 20, 2011.

Individual Reviews

Koolance CPU-370 (also tested: Enzotech Stealth, Koolance CPU-360r1.1)

EK Supreme HF Full-Nickel rev2 and rev3

Aqua Computer cuplex kryos HF

Swiftech Apogee XT rev2

Watercool Heatkiller 3.0 Ni-Bl (in progress)

Swiftech Apogee XTL (next)

XSPC Rasa (upcoming)


CPU Block Fitting Compatibility

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