2011-2012 Radiator Comparison


Following Eric’s lead, this is the full collection of results from the V2 Radiator Bench or let us call it 2011-2012 Radiator Comparison. When new results go up, this post will be updated. In this compilation post, the overall performance overview will be slightly simpler, with the full in-depth look available in the individual reviews or data supplements. Things like fan spacing, FPI or other details including full write-ups are available in the individual reviews.

This post will be used as a single stop to be caught up on all the radiators tested and the core test results. We will have updated all of the charts with the latest data and you will see a quick breakdown of each radiator with links to purchase each radiator (when available). We also have the upcoming schedule of radiators. In addition, like any good infomercial pitch–But wait there is more–I also have the individual reviews and supplements conducted. As I said, a single stop for all the radiator goodness you can handle.

For all of the how/what/why of our testing, and our full impressions on any of the specific radiator please read any of the reviews, we break everything down for your there.

This post was last updated October 10th, 2011.

Individual Reviews


  • HWLabs GTX360 (release soon)
  • XSPC RX 360 V2
  • Koolance CU1080H
  • HWLabs SR1 360
  • EK Coolstream XT 360
  • TFC X-Changer 360


Radiator Push-Pull Testing (started)

Shroud Testing (upcoming)

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Posted On
Mar 26, 2012
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very good review like always, thank you for the excellent job, look forward to getting new tests soon

Posted On
Feb 21, 2012
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A good compilation skinnee. I like that you remain unbiased in your overall test and results discussion, its a refreshing read.

I do have an issue with the relative comparison scale. While the AC Revo has the physical mounts for a 120mm Fan, I feel that it is somewhat of apples to oranges…

being such a large cooler it is expected that it will perform significantly better than smaller ones, where all other radiators in this comparison are well matched in size. In my perception of the hobby most builders are limited by the physical size allowed for a radiator, not the size of the fan. So I think that maybe the traditional radiators should be matched on their own relative performance, and maybe add the AC Revo as a value greater than 10, or simply add it to a comparison of all 140mm radiators.

I think that this chart makes the AC Revo look like the holy grail of radiators, when its really in a different league. I hope you consider this issue.

Great work overall though!

Posted On
Oct 22, 2011
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nice work skinnee! thanks for all that you do! any chance of getting in the new XSPC EX series rads for testing? i look forward to seeing how they compare against the RX series and against the Swiftech MCR QP.

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